Taking the step to work with Christine in improving my overall wellness and well-being has had an incredibly positive and lasting impact in my life.  When I first reached out to her for coaching, I knew my life felt chaotic and off-balance but I couldn’t put my finger on why, or figure out what needed to change.  Through working with Christine, I was able to further explore my hopes and intentions, and set goals and boundaries that made those goals feel possible.  At every turn, she has helped me do that in a way that felt true to myself, and achievable – a critical part of succeeding in the process.  Christine has a friendly, authentic, and knowledgeable approach, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  The difference she’s helped me create in my life is amazing, and I experience every day with more calm and genuine happiness than I ever thought possible.  Overall, I feel healthier and more engaged in every aspect of my life, and I find that I rely daily on the tools she’s helped me to develop.

Lea F.

“I’ve been working with Christine for nearly a year and she has made a tremendous impact on my life and well-being. As a full time travel agent, military wife and mom, trying to juggle my family, health and career is really challenging and stressful. Christine has helped me recognize the need for boundaries in my work life in order to be more present in my OWN life – and has helped me create them and follow through. She’s been supportive and diligent in keeping me on track with my diet and workouts – helping me set clear concise goals on both – and the accountability of knowing I have goals to meet – has really helped me meet them! This in turn has led to so much less stress and actually a more productive business life. Rolling through my husband being gone, a busy  dance mom schedule and 40+ hours of work per week used to make me feel like I couldn’t make time to take care of me – Christine helped me brainstorm and come up with strategies and goals to not only get everything done, but to carve out time to take care of me. She really has a gift for health and wellness coaching and has drastically helped me make sense out of chaos and has helped me organize my life so it’s more productive with MUCH less stress and so I can really enjoy the things I do and my family. We got orders to move this spring unexpectedly and she’s truly been my sounding board and sanity keeper through the crazy- keeping me on track so I take care of me, my family, my career and in general my life! Christine will help you come up with and implement the goals you need to be a healthier, happier you!!! Don’t hesitate to work with Christine – she really was made to do just this – she’s amazing!”

Allie W.