Having Christine as my “virtual” fitness coach has transformed the way I look at exercise. Knowing I’m not one to go to a gym, she has developed an individualized training plan I can do at home and I’m LOVING it! Her attentiveness to my exact needs and goals has surpassed my expectations. Any questions I have had she has addressed with amazing knowledge and genuine concern. I feel lucky to have found Christine and can’t thank her enough for putting me on a fitness path I can successfully continue for years to come.

Stephanie S.

Taking the step to work with Christine in improving my overall wellness and well-being has had an incredibly positive and lasting impact in my life.  When I first reached out to her for coaching, I knew my life felt chaotic and off-balance but I couldn’t put my finger on why, or figure out what needed to change.  Through working with Christine, I was able to further explore my hopes and intentions, and set goals and boundaries that made those goals feel possible.  At every turn, she has helped me do that in a way that felt true to myself, and achievable – a critical part of succeeding in the process.  Christine has a friendly, authentic, and knowledgeable approach, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  The difference she’s helped me create in my life is amazing, and I experience every day with more calm and genuine happiness than I ever thought possible.  Overall, I feel healthier and more engaged in every aspect of my life, and I find that I rely daily on the tools she’s helped me to develop.

Lea F.