Personal Training

11 things your trainer wished you knew

I am lucky to work with amazing clients who have a variety of health and fitness goals. Some people want to lose weight while others are striving to do their first unassisted pull-up. While I have been a personal trainer for a short time, I’m consistently surprised by some things that my clients don’t know or do not understand about accomplishing their goals.

  1. Regardless of whether the goal is weight loss or a fitness-focused goal, dedication and focus are required, but most important is consistency.
  2. The time you spend at the gym is a very small fraction of your time. If you come to 3 training sessions per week, that only accounts for 1% of your time during the week. That means 99% of your week is about your own choices – nutrition, workouts, activity level, etc.
  3. After a hard workout, you need to consume some protein to help your body repair the muscles. Check out this article for 50 different pre- and post-workout snack ideas!
  4. Losing weight is hard work. You will feel hungry at times. It will be hard. You will have to make sacrifices. But it will pay off!
  5. When I correct your form, my goal is to make sure you are safely performing the exercise and working the intended muscle group…not to make the exercise more challenging!
  6. Weight loss is a very simple concept. Calories expended/burned must be greater than calories consumed. Period.
  7. If you have any aches or pains, please tell me. Even if it’s a bad sinus headache. That information is vital to ensuring we can have a safe and successful workout.
  8. If you have a major injury, please let me know BEFORE you come in for your workout. For example, if you fall and bang up your knee really badly, it’s helpful for me to know this in advance so I can adjust your workout accordingly. If this information is not available to me until 2 minutes before your workout, I will need to spend a few minutes adjusting your workout.
  9. Stretching and flexibility are underrated aspects of a comprehensive workout…which is why you will see them included in the workouts that I develop!
  10. My goal is to partner with you to help you reach your goals. I am invested in your progress and success too!

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer? What do you wish I knew, coming from the other side of the table?

Be well,

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