Mental Well-being

It’s the Season of Gratitude

You can’t walk in many stores without finding fall decor, much of it with words like “grateful”, “blessed”, or “thankful.” With Thanksgiving a little over a month away, it truly is the season of gratitude in America. I’m not sure if pillows or wreaths or wood decorations can help cultivate a sense of gratitude but… Continue reading It’s the Season of Gratitude


Meet the Wellness Coach: My Self Care

The "Meet the Wellness Coach" series is intended to provide a glimpse into how I integrate wellness into my life. I don't pretend that my life is the perfect representation of wellbeing, more I share this information to give you some examples of wellness practices to consider. Each of us is able to integrate wellness… Continue reading Meet the Wellness Coach: My Self Care

Mental Well-being

Reducing Mental Clutter

Mental clutter is one of the biggest things that can distract us from peace, simplicity, presence, and productivity. Mental clutter is the mental chaos that can take over our brains. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is a mental space to focus and emphasize what matters in our lives. Reducing the mental clutter that creates noise and causes us angst or lack of productivity can be one way to move toward this place of enhanced well-being.