What is a typical coaching session like? 
First and most importantly, coaching sessions are all about you! Coaching sessions are free form conversations. Typically, I’ll ask about your progress on your goals or experiments or action steps. We may talk about other areas of your life. Sometimes we may do an exercise or activity to help you uncover some things about yourself that will help you make progress towards your wellness vision. We also have fun!

How do you decide what to discuss in each coaching session? 
The short answer is that you set the agenda. Our coaching sessions will be focused on your needs and interests. If, for example, one week you want to focus on stress reduction and the next week, you want to shift to discuss work-life balance, that’s totally ok. Your needs and interests are the priority. From time to time, I may ask your permission to do a structured activity or self discovery exercise that may help support your work towards your wellness vision.

How long are coaching sessions? 
The first coaching session (aka foundation session) is 75 minutes. All follow-up sessions are 45 minutes.

What happens at the first coaching session?
In the first session, I will get to know you and learn about your health and wellness goals. I will also learn your pain points, learn about your dreams, and discover what makes you tick. From a housekeeping and administrative standpoint, we will review the coaching agreement and discuss coaching procedures.

What if my goals change? 
If your goals or focus areas change during our work together, that is a-okay. The coaching process is about you and determining what works best. For example, you may think that you need to work on stress reduction but eventually determine that enhancing your sleep quality would alleviate feelings of tension and irritability.

How can I connect in between sessions? 
In between sessions, I am available to support you, answer questions, or simply be a sounding board via email. Unfortunately, I cannot be available for additional phone calls outside of our scheduled sessions. I also prefer not to use text message as a means of communicating as I don’t think it is a beneficial way for us to work together.

How can I connect with you on social media?
Like a lot of people, I love social media! One of my commitments to you is to maintain your confidentiality throughout our work together. Connecting on social media can create a challenge for this. For this reason, I do not establish connections with clients on my personal social media accounts. You are welcome to follow me and connect on my public, wellness-focused social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).

If I didn’t answer your question, let me know! I would love to hear from you.