Why work with me?

What makes working with Christine different?

    1. Education: I trained with the best at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. From my wellness coaching training, I am equipped with tools and techniques that are rooted in science and behavior-change theories. I was among the  second cohort to obtain the new national board certification for health and wellness coaches (NBC-HWC) administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners. I also hold a current personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a graduate certificate in change management from Georgetown University. Behavior change is my passion!
    2. Expertise: I have been providing coaching and mentoring to clients and teammates for over 7 years. I make sure that I am knowledgeable about current wellness trends and science. I can help you sift through the facts from the faux science in order for you to achieve your goals.
    3. Commitment: I am committed to helping you live your happiest and healthiest life. I am committed to being the best health and wellness coach that I can be. I am committed to keeping my expertise current and relevant. I am committed to learning about the latest and greatest in nutrition, sleep, stress, and any other wellness topic.
“Coaching with Christine was invaluable. Her kindness created an environment where I could comfortably discuss my goals while her insights ensured that I was on a path to success. I can’t recommend her enough! – Lori. C

You are the expert on your life. 
When we meet, the focus will be on you. We will work together to determine your wellness vision. Throughout our conversations, our primary focus will be on identifying steps and goals that will help you reach your wellness vision based on what works for you. You will lead the way and I will help guide, support, and listen to you.

There is no “one size fits all” or prescriptive approach. 
I do not have a wellness strategy or plan to prescribe to you. We will work together to determine your priorities, needs, and lifestyle. Throughout our coaching sessions, we may address different areas of your life based on your needs and priorities. For example, one week we may spend a lot of time talking about sleep habits and the next, nutrition. Your needs guide our conversation. My role as your coach is to support you and provide accountability, not provide an agenda or specific course of action.